Simple application

Gradual, adjustable and uniform, the formula is evenly spreadable with the air cushion sponge. Applied in thin layers, the Lumière Cushion Compact acts as a makeup base to reveal a radiant and even skin tone. Used in greater amounts, it hides blemishes and does exactly what a foundation is meant to do. With each layer, it offers a radiant, natural and imperceptible second-skin effect.


With its compact format and Rubycell applicator, which simply needs to be pressed into the foundation-soaked cushion sponge, it’s easy to use in any situation: every morning for a perfect complexion, for afternoon touch-ups or simply on the move! The Rubycell applicator also contains an antibacterial additive to increase its efficiency and prolong its usage.


Practical, economical and ecological, refills enable you to keep and reuse the compact. Every refill comes with a new Rubycell applicator.