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Lise Watier - Elle
Exclusive reveal

With David Vincent, International Makeup Artist

Over the last 17 years, David Vincent has had an impact on the lives of thousands of women through his televised tutorials alongside Lise Watier, his innumerable makeovers, and his beauty tips in magazines.


Today, David’s résumé is packed with fashion shows and shoots, and the international makeup artist has a solid network in artistic circles. He participates actively in Lise Watier product development, with a hand in everything from research to testing and identifying the prevailing trends that will be incorporated into each collection.


David is part of the brand’s DNA. Highly attentive to individual needs, and knowing that each woman is unique, his advice is couched in great personal respect for clients. David is not only the nucleus of the company’s makeup expertise; he is also a well-known and beloved public figure. He carries on the mission of the company’s founder by actively listening to the particular needs and concerns of women and giving them that valuable boost of self-confidence with just a few strokes of his brushes.


Recreate the Look

Velvet Lips

Dress your lips up in intense colour. Prime and define lips, maximize lipstick hold. The complete look in 4 easy steps.


Sophisticated Eyes

Intensify your look and make it last. A selection of beauty essentials, expertly chosen by David Vincent.


Natural Touch-Up

Correct, conceal and illuminate your skin with Portfolio Professional Correctors. Canada’s No1 concealer for 15 years, it’s an essential to every makeup bag.


Natural Look

Recreate this complete look, easy to wear and extremely long-lasting. Fix eyebrows, illuminate the complexion, define the eyes and colour lips, all for a naturally beautiful you.